I was reading a plan from my Bible App and I came across this insert… 

Growing UpThe Scripture says in Ephesians 4:15 that we should grow in all things. I want to give you ten areas in which the Bible teaches us we should grow. I hope you will take time to read each passage and answer the question of whether you are growing as you should in each of these areas.

1. In Colossians 1:10 we are told we should increase in the knowledge of God. You ought to know more about God and His Kingdom this week than you did last week.

2. Psalm 71:21 tells us we are to be growing in our influence. I hope I have not reached the pinnacle in my life when it comes to the influence I have for good in the lives of others. If you call yourself a leader and no one is following you, then you are not influencing them, you are just taking a walk. You and I need to grow in influence.

3. In Proverbs 13:11 it says we are to be growing and increasing materially. I don’t know of many who couldn’t grow in this area!

4. Isaiah 29:19 speaks of increasing in joy. From appearances, some people seem to grow more and more sour as the days go by and have less and less of a sense of humor. Listen, the more you advance in age, the more your capacity to laugh at life’s ups and downs should grow.

5. Second Thessalonians 1:3teaches us that we should grow in faith. Now faith certainly touches all areas of life; and, hopefully, today you don’t freak out like you used to when you are faced with a trial, because your faith has grown and you have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

6. First Thessalonians 3:12 and 1 Thessalonians 4:9-10teach us that we should grow in our love for others. I would hate to think that I have plumbed the depths of love for my wife, for my children, for my friends, or for God.

7. Ephesians 2:21 speaks to us of growing in unity. You and I ought to grow better and better at getting along with other believers, especially those in our church.

8. Luke 2:52 speaks of growing in wisdom. God is so anxious to provide you and me with His wisdom, but it is something we need to seek. Are you growing in wisdom?

9. Luke 2:52 also speaks of growing in favor. Are you obnoxious and hard to get along with? Do you find it difficult to get along with others? I challenge you, if that is true, to consider the model of Jesus for our lives. He grew in favor with both God and men.

10. Second Peter 3:18says that we can grow in grace. I don’t know about you, but I am deeply grateful for God’s grace in my life. And for those who extend me grace when I blow it. Is grace a hallmark of your life?

According to Scripture, these ten areas are vital areas in which you and I are to grow. I challenge you to read each Scripture and take each area before the Lord and ask Him to reveal where you need to grow.

You will be amazed at the change for good that will come about in your life!


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